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Before You Switch on Your Air Conditioning this Summer
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ahh, summer. Time for lemonade, swimming, fireworks, bike rides … and keeping yourself cool. While we may not be located in Florida (or at the equator, for that matter), it’s common knowledge that summer in Cincinnati can get ridiculously hot and humid. But, as we’ve just entered the season, the urge to turn on your air conditioner unit to full blast can be tempting. If you don’t want to turn on your AC unit just yet, then the Crane team has other, more energy-efficient, ways for you to keep cool.

•     Natural ventilation
On days when the humidity is tolerable, keeping your home cool through natural ventilation may be enough to prevent you from reaching for the air conditioner. Natural ventilation includes opening windows to create a cross breeze that will have fresh air rushing through your home. Plus, by leaving the air conditioning off and opting for a more natural cooling effect, you can reduce your air conditioning energy use and costs. We think that’s a win-win situation.

•     Fans, fans, fans
Yes, this is a common solution to cooling homes before you jump to indulge in the freezing temperatures the AC unit provides. But did you know there are different varieties of fans? Ceiling fans, window fans, tower fans, whole house fans, and other circulating fans are the type of fans you’ll need in your home to get a cooling effect for an optimum comfort level without blasting the AC. While all of these fans do circulate the air in the rooms of your home, to save even more energy, know this: turn off those fans when you leave the room or when leaving the house. Fans actually cool people — not rooms.

•     When you’re out for the day …
Many of us have jobs where we work away from the house, only to return home when the sun isn’t shining its rays at its brightest. You may not necessarily be home at noon, when it’s considered to be the hottest time of the day. If you aren’t ready to turn on the air conditioning, pull over your curtains. Yes, you read that right; by pulling your windows’ coverings, shades, curtains, etc., back during the daytime, you will block out the sun’s heat. When you’re browsing the options at your local Bed Bath & Beyond, look for curtains or other window coverings that have been energy efficient approved or have an Energy Star label on them. Many selections will still allow an abundance of natural light to come into your home!

Humans have come a long way since using parasols and paper fans to keep cool in the powerful rays of the summer sun. But if you do feel you need your air conditioner for maximum comfort, contact us today for a service request. Or see what home cooling system is right for you in Heating and Cooling 101.


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