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Home Cooling without an Air Conditioner
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

While summer in Ohio typically means not-as-hot-as-the-desert heat, with Cincinnati seeing the worst of the humidity, summer 2015 hasn’t been the worst hottest on record. With frequent storms rolling in and lower-than-normal temperatures, using an air conditioner to keep cool may not be as necessary as it has been in years past. For alternate home cooling options that can keep a home just as refreshing, the Crane team is on the case.

  • Natural Ventilation
    A hint of this home cooling option is in its name. “Natural” means that neither air conditioners nor fans are on; open windows and a natural breeze are all you need to have a home feel glacial-like. Opening windows that are across from each other on opposite sides of the house create a cross breeze for circulation. Natural ventilation relies on the “chimney effect,” which requires convection and cool air entering the home on the first floor to create a partial vacuum. However, in order to take full advantage of natural ventilation, you need to open the windows that are facing into the wind to get its full effect.
  • Fans for Cooling
    There’s a reason that hand-held fans have gone out of style. They aren’t the variety of fan that circulates air. Circulating fans are ones that create a wind chill effect and can add to cooling a home even if your windows are already open for natural ventilation. Considered to be one of the most effective types of fans, circulating fans are easy to come by. They include ceiling fans, table fans, floor or tower fans, and ones mounted to poles or walls. The larger the fan, the more air it can move. However, a larger fan may require more energy to operate. But, numerous circulating fans — and in many cases, window fans — have a label on them noting their energy efficiency rating. (Have we mentioned that Bryant systems work to protect the environment?) That way, you can find a fan that’s best suited for your home, but it won’t take too much energy to operate it.
  • Whole House Fans
    These types of fans are a bit different from circulating fans. Home cooling via whole house fans cool … well, the whole house. These fans rely on open windows to function. Whole house fans pull air from their source and exhaust the air through the attic and roof. Even if the weather does get warmer this summer, up to where home cooling is a top priority, whole house fans used in combination with circulating fans can keep monstrously sized homes comfortable. Whole house fans can be noisy though, especially if they have been installed incorrectly. But, large-capacity fans such as these, when running at a low speed, make less noise than a small fan running at a high speed.

Having the best home cooling system during the summertime (and in other seasons when the climate is unusually warm), is the optimum way to keep comfortable. But, when you do want the experts on all things about air conditioner and heating systems, Contact Us today for only the best in home cooling and heating services — when the time comes for a heating system, that is.


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